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Dare To Dream

Brand Identity / Website Content & Copy / Website Art Direction


“Emma has done an absolutely amazing job with my branding, art direction and website copy.  I decided a few months ago that I really needed a brand refresh after spending a minimal amount on Fiverr.  Who better to turn to than one of my actual business partners to do an outstanding job. 

What I love about Emma's process is that she listens to your story and translates it perfectly into a detailed branding and copy brief. She takes the stress away from you having to come up with your own brief or "mood board" to have to send to a graphic designer, and she knows what to ask for and how to clearly brief the work.  This involves so much research and thought, and really ensures that you get the BEST out of your branding project. 

I was so impressed with Emma's work that I then asked her to help me with art direction for my website, Instagram bio copy and full web copy.  I wanted to ensure a consistent brand tone of voice and that all of the beautiful branding was properly reflected throughout the journey.  Emma is really incredible with this and challenges you to think in a different way. She spots things that I would never have noticed! I can't thank you enough Emma for such a great job, and I am now so happy and proud to show off my brand in all it's glory."

Sarah Tjoeng, Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream


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